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      iowacity replied to the thread Early hunt 171-173.
      I hunted the unit last year. I saw lots of deer and no other hunters away from roads and little to no deer near roads and lots of...
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      iowacity replied to the thread Unit 031 info.
      I hunted it last year. PM me your info and and I can pass on what I know.
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      iowacity replied to the thread San Rafael deer?.
      That’s sort of the idea, see if I can find a big one while hunting some unique country. Are what few deer that live out there confide...
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      iowacity posted the thread San Rafael deer? in Utah.
      Hello, I know I’m jumping the gun here, but I’ll likely have a deer tag in pocket for the Manti/San Rafael unit. I’m planning a scouting...
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      Well, tag cuts are painful, but it should lead to improvements going forward. Deer is my favorite thing to hunt. I sure hope all the...
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      iowacity reacted to Troubadour's post in the thread Nevada Winter 22-23' with Like Like.
      We need a modest gradual thaw in Spring. No 60 degree days in late February.
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