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At the shot show Tikka said they should be coming out with a 6.5 PRC by June. But I have seen nothing as of yet. My 83 year old dad has a late cow elk tag this year. My son and I also have the same tag. I thought that would be a great build for him. A light weight suppress 6.5 PRC mounted in a clamp on a tripod to keep him steady. I didn't want to go full custom with a gun smith because it would take to long. Anyone have a in with Tikka and know if it will be here soon ? As A back up a Seekins Element in 6.5 PRC would work. But I can't find one ether. I called Seekins and they said they are back ordered and six months out. Christensen arms has two rifles that may work. But I am not really a fan ! Then we have the Browning. But the Browning or Christensen arms isn't the same platform as the Tikka to build off of. Any ideas out there ?


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Buy the seekins and move on. I have a regular Havak in the PRC and it’s silly accurate. The stocks seem kind of cheap but they do work. It shoots as good or better than any of my customs.


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Buy a Tikka 6.5 CM and turn it into a PRC. Send it to Shaen Magan and have him open the bolt face, change the bolt stop, adjust the trigger and buy yourself some new mags. It’s that easy.


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I don't recommend a Browning. I own one and the twist rate is too fast (1:7).

Can you find ammo for this?
131gr Hammer Hunter is perfect for that- Slowest twist for that bullet is 1:7.5, but all the hammers run better with a faster twist than minimum. That would be a fantastic combo- they would be smoking out of the PRC.

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