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Well, to start I live in SLC, Utah. I first hunted when I was 12/13 yrs old. My uncle took me on a couple archery hunts and my dads co-worker used to take me Pheasant hunting. Once I got into high school and started playing football, I stopped hunting. I never hunted again until just a few years ago after I got married. For some reason, hunting became my passion!
I hunt upland game, big game, and want to start waterfowl (but that won't be for. Few years, you'll know why in a bit).
So what does all this have to do with being a year of good things? Glad you asked! To start, I decided to start building preference points for the Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep once-in-a-lifetime hunt in the North slope/west daggett unit. I also put in for LE Elk and Archery buck. One month and one day after I submitted my applications my Wife told me she was pregnant! Our first born by the way! Almost a month after that we bought our first house! Then a month and a half after that, Utah DWR posts the draw results...I got my last unit choice for Archery buck! YES! Then...complete surprise...I drew out for...are ya ready for this? ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN SHEEP!!!! First time ever putting in and I draw out! I didn't get LE Elk (thank God,that would've been too much for my bank account!)
Because her due date is towards the end of October, and the sheep hunt is Nov 1st-30th, I didn't think I'd be able to hunt with having a newborn as well. But my wife convinced me to keep my tag for the sheep hunt (what a gal!).
So to sum up (if you're still awake at this point):
1) got my wife pregnant.
2) bought a house.
3) drew out for a Once-in-a-lifetime hunt on my first try.
So please stay tuned for more updates and hopefully some scouting pictures of Rams, bucks and baby stuff! <----just kidding on that last one! LOL!
So just a little update. I bought a new pack for this years hunts, and,good Lord willing and the river don't rise as my Grandpa would say, for future hunts.
I went to sportsmans warehouse and tried the badlands packs and they fit ok. I didn't like the Eberlestock packs, good packs, just not to my fancy. Tenzing was ok as well, but they just didn't seem to meet my needs. Then I saw the Alps Outdoorz Traverse esp pack. I tried it on and man was it comfy! Has the wing pocket style like the badlands, was built with the same material and zippers as badlands so that's a plus! And also includes a zippered 1200cu inch pocket that's ventilated for large game/extra meat, etc. I opted to purches mine through Amazon.com and it was only $106! A portion of that went to the wounded warrior fund too!
I have to say this pack is pretty awesome and feels just as high of quality as Badlands! So if you're looking to get a pack that won't break the bank, then definitely check out the Alps line! It also has a padded spotting scope pocket with a tripod/shooting sticks pocket just behind that. You can carry your bow, or your rifle as well. It's a way nice pack!


Got a new scope today, Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 BDC! Next on the optics hit list is Vortex binos and a spotting scope! I'm still stuck on what camo pattern to get: Advantage Max-1, Cabelas open zone,western zone(or whatever it's called) or mossy oak brush.
Anyways, thanks to those who are viewing my posts!
P.S. on an off note my wife and I found out a few weeks ago that we are having a little girl! Pretty excited!
OK, I'm back!
Well the other day I got these two beauties in the mail!
I've never seen a prettier sight! When I saw who sent it, I got giddy...yes I said giddy!

To keep anyone following this thread updated, here's some shots of the rifle I'm going to be using for my Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep hunt.


It's a Remington 770, chambered in .300 win mag. I bought this rifle back in 2011 for the 2012 Elk hunt. I know some people (most people actually) think the R770 is junk, I disagree! Sure it's a cheap entry rifle that did have some lemons produced, but My rifle is a cherry! At 100 yards I can group 4 shots within the size of a quarter, 3 shots about the size of a dime!
Here's some things I've recently done to it:
Bore sighted my Vortex scope. Still need to sight it in with 165 gr ammo at 200 yrds. I'm leaning towards the Hornady Superformance 165 gr SST interlocks, but they are proving hard to find, even online!
Sanded down/free floated the barrel so I can fit 3 note cards down to the recoil lug.
Melted out some of the inside cross sections to install a picatinny rail so I can attach a bipod if I want.
Rounded out some of the edges to keep things from "catching" (bolt, mag, etc.)
Future plans, if I can find the time this summer, include hydrodipping the stock myself with either western diamondback print, or with a pattern very similar with realtree. ('cause lets face it, anything with camo print on it is bad ass!) Here's some pics of that (note that I'm not completely done with it yet).

I also got a Bushnell 850 ARC range finder. Not the best out there but seeing as how I'll use it more for bow hunting it suits my needs very well.

I also ordered some new hunting boots! Irish Setter Vaprtrek 8" boots. The Irish Setters I have now are the 9" Trail Phantom 600 gram thinsulate, which makes for a very hot footed hunt in late spring/early summer for Turkey or Buck archery.

The rangefinder and boots were purchased from Amazon.com and a portion of the proceeds went to the wounded warrior foundation.

And on a last note here, I'm trying to convince my wife that we need to get this crib cover thingy/setup! I think it's completely awesome and fitting for a girl!

P.S I'm also excited to say that Utah finally opened a Fall Turkey season! Utah hasn't had one since 1984! And yes, I'm going to try to get a tag!

Well I hope more people keep reading my thread and find it interesting, or at the very least entertaining! God Bless!
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