Adequate day.


Thankfully almost all of that stuff is our neighbor's. Very nice neighbor though.

However.......our junk pile (not shown) is at least as big. I'll have my son get on our junk piles later as, yes, he is still hauling antlers right now.


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Nicely done! South facing slopes in the cedars? What elevation did you run into them, if you don't mind me asking?


No cedars in our country. Here antlers are mostly in elevations between 6,000'-9,000'. Sheds are found in the sagebrush, grass, mahogany & pines.

Get up high and glass down below you and across the canyon. Glass 20 yds to a mile away.

Antlers are on the ridges, slopes facing South, West, East and North-West. Pick up those antlers and glass back where you came from. Then go back across the canyon and get the ones you bypassed. Go back a few days later and the bulls will have passed through again and dropped more. Make a mental note where the bulls passed through the snow and wait for the snow to melt and go back again.

It helps if you have trained for a 50 KM footrace through the mountains and finished 1st in the 40-49 year old class.

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