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My hunting partner and I are looking to do a blacktail hunt in Ak in 2020 and are looking for suggestions on specific islands and outfitters. Also if anyone has ever done the yacht hunt or been to raspberry island or Afognak island or Kodiak. thank you.


Heading to Kodiak in late November with Kodiak sportsmens lodge. Non-guided.
Can tell you how things went upon my return if you are interested?


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LAST EDITED ON Oct-10-19 AT 07:58PM (MST)[p]Leaving for Kodiak 3 weeks from today south end staying on boat... I can't wait, I'll post up pictures and a story when I'm back...


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Posted about my trip in Blacktail Forum. Had a fantastic hunt on Kodiak in the Olga Bay region. If you are interested in this hunt, contact Zack Walton...he has a blog that you can google called "Weekend Bowhunter". Zack books trips for a well establish transporter that has successfully operated in the region for 28 years.

Here's a blog post detailing the trip another group did in 2018 on the same boat booked by Zack:

Check us out at we are located on raspberry island and would love to help you out we offer diy hunts only nothing guides but all the accommodations and amenities of home
We had a great season the blacktail are what I would consider an all time high right now deer are holding on as of right now and as far as winter is concerned looks like the north east end of island may take a little hit next 2-3 weeks will tell🤞

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