Best Deer Unit?


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I'd say the standard answer - it depends. If you have access to the best private ranches, there are good deer in most areas. But if you are on public, I'd go with 128 or 82. But if you went on potential, and the G&F would manage the deer, then 144 could be the very best. I look at that country where Kathy Keene shot the monster buck a couple of years ago and do not think of it as a big-time trophy area. A big buck is where you find him and he could be in a lot of places in Wyoming.


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LAST EDITED ON Aug-09-07 AT 01:26AM (MST)[p]Good point ICM, public or private, early or late? If you went by the hardest tag to get by the '06 draw odds, it would be 82, 128, then 102 in the regular draw and it was 128, 102, then 82 in the special draw. Region G was the hardest region tag to get followed by K.


one of the reasons 82-1 is so hard to draw is it runs with the Elk season. lots of guys put in so the can hunt both at one time. Also they are starting a whole lot of new gas wells it 82 and that will not help the hunting.
one thing that will help is that the now have a late season (Oct 15-30th) hunt in 78, it did not get on the list this year so there's some upset guys.
I've hunted late Oct for elk in 82 (elk area 21) and have seen some Monster bucks there. with a 4% odds of drawing I'm not holding my breath waiting to draw my tag.


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82-1 Doesn't run with the general elk season. It runs with the 21-6 season when you can hunt only cow/calves. The late season 82-2 tag does run with the general elk tag but they only allow 20 mule deer tags. I've been trying for it for 10 yrs and don't think i will put in for it anymore. The last ten seasons have really hurt our mule deer population. The area is just too accessible and the deer don't have any place to hide then. Yeah, people are still killing deer down here, but you rarely see those steady 24-26 inch good bucks. And there are almost no monsters killed anymore. One killed every year, but there are thousands killed that are 2 points....sorry for rambling. Just a sore topic on the management in the area, and what it could be an was at one time.


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My dad drew the late hunt in 82 about 7 to 8 years ago. It was a awsome hunt back then. I have hunted the regular 82 and had a ok hunt. When my dad had it he saw like 40 to 60 bucks a day but no real toads. He killed a 30 inch 5x4 and it was the best deer he saw. It scored in the low 180s but he did let a 33 to 34 inch buck walk becuase it was really weak on mass and front forks. His brother also drew and they were both non residents. The odds of drawing have gone through the roof. I can tell U another unit that is for sure not even close to the best and that is unit 119. I drew it last year and it sucked bad. Tons of deer and lots of bucks but with no age at all. If u saw a buck that would make 160 that was really something. We all filled on the last day of the season but not with the bucks that we went out there to kill. I think 84 has alot of big bucks but u have to get on the right ranch. Far as public i think 102 is probbly the best thing going even though u will play hell just to see a 180 class buck in there.

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