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How about a 2022 Elk Shed Antler Photo Thread ... Pack Giveaway?

Share a few of your 2022 elk shed antler finds and you'll be in to WIN a nice daypack! Our friends at Bad Ass Outdoor Gear have got an Eberlestock Bandit to give away to one of you who shares a great 2022 Shed Antler Hunting Photo.

Feel free to post 4 or 5 or so of your best photos from this year, but post them in separate posts, as only the first photo in each post shows up as a thumbnail above. As they lay photos are always fun to see, as well as photos of you showing off your finds. ATL pics are the best though!!
Share a little detail about the pics too!

We'll run the photo contest for a few weeks and then I'll randomly pick a winner. Each photo shared will count as one entry and every 10 reactions that your photo gets will get an extra entry. Just a fun contest. We all love seeing the photos.

Thanks to Bad Ass Outdoor Gear for donating the prizes for the contests and PLEASE everyone, when you're in the market to upgrade your gear, please shop Bad Ass Outdoor Gear and give them a chance to earn your business for good. They've got a large selection of hunting gear for you to look through.

Here's the prize that's up for grabs.

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Was buzzing the desert and spotted something. No binoculars, so the wife said walk out and look. I began walking and quickly realized what I saw was nothing, but I figured I might as well walk another 100 feet and….COOL!! There was this elk antler. Cool score.
I should’ve just left it as a sweet lucky score, but instead went back today looking for more. 4 hours and 6+ miles and found nothing.
Put in the work after the fact. Pretty typical.


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Found another awesome set, was able to match it up today after finding the first side last week.

The funny thing is I didn't even realize how big the first horn was until I got it home and put a tape on it. He doesn't have the mass that the rest of my bigger sheds do, but he does have some good length, beams are 52+ and the 10" extra helps a bunch too.

Bull tapes out at 355. Is a 7x7 and is One of my biggest sets ever.

Today's pack load

My goofball kids with the set.



Yeah “fun” is one way to put it😂. 210 lbs of horn. Personal best for me. The first time I’ve had 120+ lbs on my back. Chuy has packed that plenty of times. He’s a beast!
Get ahold of me next time you hit that spot and I’ll give you a hand! 😉 chuy sounds like a tough dude!


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My 10 year olds 1st brown elk shed. He was beyond excited about the find and couldn’t stop talking and stuttering. He was losing a little motivation after several miles, but after that find he was good to go the 4 more miles. He did find two more sheds the rest of the hike. It was a fun day.


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