Book Cliff, South Bucks


Let's see those Book Cliff, South deer. I know of two other bucks that were killed other than the one I shot (two expo tag winners). Just wanted to get an idea what everyone else was seeing out there. It was pretty low deer numbers and not a ton of mature bucks running around but we had a blast on that unit.

2021 BCS Buck4.jpg
2021 BCS Buck5.jpg
2021 BCS Buck3.jpg


Here's a couple pics of my cousin's buck. He's what some of y'all call a "character buck" because he isn't a 4x4 frame. He's got 8+ inch bases and triple eye guards on the 2 point side. I'll be getting a short video of his hunt put together and posted up here asap. This was the biggest, stinkiest deer I've ever been next to.
A guy I work with drew a tag there this year, hit "a big buck" tracked him for half a mile, gave up and shot another one.
Two dead bucks for him!?
Hey Slamdunk... Where we hunted we saw only one other outfit after opening day. On Wed of the hunt, we saw this group of 4 or 5 scouring an area of sage flat near cedars. It seemed obvious they were looking for a blood trail or a buck as one person was standing next to a SxS at the top of the area, and the other 4 guys (3 not in orange) were on foot, maybe on a trail, but also doing wide circles. We know they didn't stray too far from that spot before giving up. Maybe it was your co-worker.? :)
I took advantage of Utah‘s mentoring program and let my granddaughter fill my tag. This was her first year to hunt as she just turned 12 this year. She was able to harvest this nice buck at 225 yards with one shot! I couldn’t be more proud of her!! I have the feeling she is probably hooked now : )
I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have been able to share this experience with her. If you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Utah mentoring program I highly recommend it. Our youth are the future to continue the hunting traditions that our parents and grandparents shared with us.

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