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Alright guys, Let's talk. Most of you guys know me as the Crap talking, Fun making , in your Face type of poster. Well, Anyone that gets up to the Open Forum section at least :) That, I'm afraid probably won't change (SORRY :) ) That being said, I'm filling the New President Spot of DHI (Deer Hunters of Idaho).

My role as the President is to take DHI to a NEW LEVEL, I'm going to get memberships up to double record levels. I'm going to be bringing LOCAL hunting issues up and getting stuff resolved, Organization and Comunication is TOP on my list. I'm going to make an Impact (Hopefully all in a positive way) to the Deer hunters of Idaho.

CAN I GET an AMEN or a HELLL YAH !!!! :)

I've mensioned about me wanting to Branch out to other parts of the State. I've gotten alot of Feedback. I don't want this to be BOISE/NAMPA hunters, It needs to be for the Entire state. I'm willing to drive to each corner of the State once a Month to help achieve this goal. Right now I'm bombarded with Emails, Phone calls, registration, Organization, Planing, Etc for the Banquet this weekend here in Nampa. If someone is in the Area, You need to go. Call me for any questions or concerns. (208)571-1ELK (Don't let the Elk # fool ya, I like deer just as much :))

Once this Banquet is Done, I'll be contacting some of the People that has Expressed interest in other parts of the State. Together , We'll bring this organization to new levels. MOMENTUM is the word of the DAY :)

Also, We have an Article coming out in Thursdays Paper on the organization and what we do. It talks about what we've done over the last 15 years. Take a look at it. Also, we will be on the Radio KQFC 97.9 FM 9:30 this Thursday the 19th. We are going to have a Contest to the callers and going to be giving a pair of tickets away to the banquet on the air. I will be on as well as the Current president Rod Bradley. SOMEONE from here needs to CALL in And GIVE a Shout out to me !!!

All that being said, I'm not changing how I post, and I'll say what I feel, if I step on Someones toes in a Personal way, feel free to let me know. Unlike some, I can Seperate the Issues from the fun, Hopefully you can see that too.....

Any input ?

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Hey this is great, I think you would be good for the possition, Also it would be nice to know, (be kept informed) about what is going on in the organization. There are a lot of good things that could be done to improve. And I think you would have more people involved. Good for you Mossie, I will attend the Banquet. Look forward to good things to come of this year.


Sounds more like the "Oscar Williamson" show to me. I'm sure you will get a lot of things done for yourself. Hopefully a few positives for the deer hunters of Idaho is on your agenda as well.


bobcats. It IS the Oscar Williamson Show. *ROLL EYES* It is just as much as the USA taking out Sadam is the : "President Bush show".

Everything I do is Time I'm taking away from my personal stuff. I make $0 at doing any of this and actually dump alot of personal money back into the Organization. I'm not really sure what I'm doing for "MYSELF" ?

As far as the comments I've heard about me giving "DHI a BAD NAME". We'll sit back and See. All I'm trying to do is lite a Fire under peoples butts and Getting people involved. I think that is one of the biggest problems. Alot of people on talk boards talking/typing about others that are trying to do something for everyone. Yet not doing much themselves but Bitching about how bad the Huntingis (Not singleing you out bobcaat, but I'm talking in general) Everything we do at the "Oscar Williamson SHOW" benifits the Deer and I'll be bringing back Data to show it.

Not to sound like I'm questioning what you're writing, But what am I getting done for "MYSELF". Is it the Weekly directors meetings that I'm going to instead of tucking my 3 boys to bed ? Is it that I'm willing to help grow the Organization and try to get other people involved thats not in this local area ? AMybe I like spending money of my own on Gas to travel to other cities to get people involved. AMybe it's gonig to be the Sportsshow when I loose the Entire weekend and days prior to it setting up a Booth and sitting in it signing people up and Involving people and hopefully putting money back to the deer.

I have nothing but nice things to say About the people on the board of Directors and the past presidents. I just have some Ideas to hopefully Help the club grow and become a stronger voice. Strong like the One I currently have *SMILE*.

I know a few guys don't like the Agressive attitude that I take but Alot of people do. It's the Same force that PETA and Anti hunters use to shut down hunting. The only difference is I'm trying to funnel it for the Good of the critters we all like to hunt. Hopefully to make a differnece.

(OK, I'm off my SoapBox for a few Mins :))

---MuleFever, Looking foward in seeing you, I'll try to say Hi, but I'll be busy setting up stuff and keeping things flowing.... OHHh and will be busy doing "getting a lot of things done for myself" *HEHE*

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Good luck with the DHI moosie.
If you have anything you're trying to do on this side of the state let me know and I will help you out if I have time.
Have you considered collaborating with the SE Idaho Mule Deer Foundation? I know they have had some influence on the F&G in this part of the state.



I'm not trying to attack you on any of the things that you want to do or would like to see done with DHI. The thing about you that people don't like is the fact that you like to talk about yourself alot. You come across like an arrogant ass that dont want to talk with someone unless they have something to offer for you. Yes, I am judging you from the one and only conversation I had with you. But from all that you have posted on here it seems to be the way you are.

Try using the word "WE" a little more instead of "I".

For example:
"My role as the President is to take DHI to a NEW LEVEL, I'm going to get memberships up to double record levels. I'm going to be bringing LOCAL hunting issues up and getting stuff resolved, Organization and Comunication is TOP on my list. I'm going to make an Impact (Hopefully all in a positive way) to the Deer hunters of Idaho."

Would have served you better if it went something like this:

My role as the President is to take DHI to a NEW LEVEL, WE are going to get memberships up to double record levels. WE are going to be bringing LOCAL hunting issues up and getting stuff resolved, Organization and Comunication is TOP on OUR list. WE are going to make an Impact (Hopefully all in a positive way) to the Deer hunters of Idaho.

As you stated in your previous post if you step on someone's toes let you know. I'm letting you know. I hope that you can take this as constructive criticism and not beat me up :D. I do understand that your passion for the DHI is sincere and I would enjoy seeing the items and direction that DHI sees for a future to become a reality. I also know that you cannot do it all alone. I guess I need to put my money where my mouth is and renew my membership from 5 years ago.


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Moosie, I have never met you, but you have always cracked me up with your wit, endless comebacks, and positive attitude. With that said, I don't think that it takes a rocket scientist to say that some people can find you a bit abrasive. I am sure you will do an excellent job as president of DHI. I just hope whenever you are representing DHI at ANY level, you will make sure and always put them in the best light, with as much professionalism as possible. Good luck and I hope you kick some butt, for the herd's sake.


BOBcats, I can Take comments/critisism and I'm glad ya pointed it out. I've also talked with the Current president and told him about me as a Internet "TROLLER" if you will. I like to get on the boards, Make people think of things, and Often take sides to get people posting. remember last year on the 4-wheeler/game farm issue. :) I (NOT WE) had people so Pissed off but there was alot of good topics and discussions that spinned off of it.

Be it right or wrong I can't change 100%. I (NOT WE :)) like to say what's on my mind but also willing to listen. Sometimes I "HEAR" what people say, sometimes I don't. I'm human and Hopefully remain that way... HEHE...

Now, When it comes to the Club I'll (ALSO NOT A WE) will do MY best in representing it in the most profesional matter when it comes to the Brass tax. Me shooting a Puney litle buck doesn't mean the clubs about little bucks, Nor shooting a Big one means that everyone shoots a big one. Me putting my foot down and Saying what I feel doesn't make me not work hard for the Deer and the ethics we stand behind..

I'm a cut up on the boards but when It came to Fight for the Rights of Hunters with the Outfitting board with getting them to drop HuntSwapping as Illegal, I took it upon myself to gather a team of people to smash it. We figured out Verbage and after several meetings (One again my own time that didn't need to be) But also with the help of some others, we got it fixed for the hunters of Idaho.

NOW, I can Only Brag my resume' and MY visions. I think (because It's my personal thoughts) that "WE" can do great things together. Unfortunatley, On these boards "I" get carried away sometimes and hopefully I do more good then harm...

All that being said, If I was a Quiet, silent, sit back and Take it guy I'd have NO UMPH to get any of you guys fired up enough to even Renue your membership.

BOBcat, Rewew and come to the Banquet, Lemme buy you a Beer and I'll let ya Punch me for good ol' time sakes :)

Got ta run folks.. Need to feed the Ol' fat belly !!!!

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What is the cost for a membership? Life membership? I am interested in what direction DHI is headed, what kinds of projects are being looked at, planned? Are we looking at habitat resoration efforts, and conservation of winter habitat? What kind of things are DHI going to do to make a difference to the deer/ and the hunters... I like your style, we need someone to tell it like it is. IF this is going to be a group that makes a difference, and not just a bunch of guys that get together once a year to bullsh!t about how great of hunters they are, then I am interested. I am trying to drag a couple friends to the banquet on saturday. Take care.



Go gettem Oscar! I will email you some info about N. Idaho residents that may be interested in helping out and joining.

Good Luck,



Hey moosie you are the right man for the job! I want to become a member dose it cost and if so how much. and will there be any other banquets soon i will miss the on this weekend.


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Who better suited for political hack-titude than you Moosie, truly, your qualifications are impecable, considering your expertise with;

mucking it up with big wigs
cigars,midgets & mayonnaise
kissing babys & thier mothers
advocating for speacial intrest groups(most fetish)
Spewing out long aimless B.S. laced babble

Kidding aside,
I liked your reply to bobcat jr. & good luck with a great organization !!


First off, this is an organization that has been around for 15 years prior to me getting involved. I'm not Starting this club or taking any credit for were it's at. I'm just fortunate enuf to be taking a roll as the Guy that Gets blamed for Everything now in the Hotseat (If you will), I think that's about it :)

HGHCOUNTRY, Thats quiet the List of questions ya got. Maybe I can Answer some of them :)

"What is the cost for a membership?"


"Life membership?"


"I am interested in what direction DHI is headed, what kinds of projects are being looked at, planned?"

We're actually looking at alot of projects and plans. I'm not in a position to spew all that info right now. We are donating alot to the hunters Ed mobil trailer, habitat, and deer collaring. My understanding is a non profit org. has to spend most of the money it makes within the year it makes it. After the Banquet and the Sports show, we're going to put the Money on the table again like they do every year and look at what is needed. Hopefully in the right spots.

DHI Moto is : Deer Hunters of Idaho is a non-profit membership organization committed to maximizing deer populations within the state of Idaho through direct financial support for habitat improvement, research projects, and hunter education. ((So we need to see were the money best fits in our goal. I will keep you posted.))

"I like your style, we need someone to tell it like it is. IF this is going to be a group that makes a difference, and not just a bunch of guys that get together once a year to bullsh!t about how great of hunters they are, then I am interested. "

HAHA, I can Assure you I'm not one to Tell you what a Great BIG GAME hunter I am, At least not for trophy deer, I'm the Forked horn Killing KING :) I do love the Sport and will tell you how serious I take it and Will brag about how much ground I cover, But Like the Good books say, I should use Eyes more then my legs.. My big downfall !!!

"I am trying to drag a couple friends to the banquet on saturday. Take care."

Hope to see you at the Dinner, Even if the Friends don't show, Come alone. Please bug me when You see me. In case you don't know what I look like I'll post a Few pictures from this past year of me, (BRAGGING OF COURSE) *WINK~WINK*

Anyways, I'm sure someone will have a field day about me posting pictures, but If I can't piss someone Off I'm sure not doing my job.

HORNSEEKER, My goal it to find out more on the Organizations that are out there. I think we have more clubs then is Needed in Idaho, And None are working together. Which is really sad. I'm new to the Game and Maybe just don't understand why yet ?!?!!? But thanx for the verbal help bud !!!

IdahoMuley, Only one BIG Banquet a year. I know there has been summer parties in the past and I think it's a Good Idea. But turnout is Usually Bleak. If you sign up as a Member there is a newsletter that you'll get with upcoming events. Membership is $20/year.

B_F_E, We've Chit on Each others posts for years now, Don't think just because I'm helping out a Club I'll stop :) But I will say thanx for the well wishes :)

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~~If you're going to walk on thin ice, Ya might as Well DANCE !!
WALK the TALK, Or shut the HECK UP !!


I am from the southeast part of the State. I am also really new to this forum, although I have browsed it for some time. I posted a thread dealing with what, in my opinion amounts to the extremely poor management of the deer herd in the southeast region (75,76,77 and 78)a few days ago, and it looks like there is some sentiment towards my feelings on the subject. Sadly enough, it does not end there. I just feel that the management in this part of the State is terrible for deer. Take for example antlerless hunting for junior license holders in the majority of region 6. Cripes, you want to see horrible ratios!!! Add this to the fact that they don't offer the same opportunity to youth in Region 5. Guess where the non-residents want to go (or at least used to)? Region 5. Don't get me wrong, I am not a trophy hunter (if I was, I wouldn't be a very good one), and I am all for allowing our younger generation a chance to get a deer, but if you are going to close down the region with the majority of the deer in the area and keep the other region open it just doesn't make sense. They shorten the season because of low numbers, low buck to doe ratio's ect. but they aren't consistent with what can be shot.

I know of 2 individuals that drew the either sex hunt in unit 69 this year and 2 individuals that drew the late buck hunt in unit 66 (all of 66 and 69). These guys hunted...not just the fact one of them has more BIG bucks to his credit that most of us will see in a lifetime. We had favorable weather for the hunt and the largest of three deer shot was a 24 inch 4 point. I know that it is a respectable buck, but for these hunts with snow on the ground, that should have been cake. The individual with all the big bucks...never pulled the trigger. Saw lots of small 4x4's that if given the chance to grow another year or two would be great bucks. Will they get that chance? Who knows.

Anyway, I know I am rambling, but the point is I would like to be part of a voice that the F&G listens to. I have written letters, e-mailed and talked to biologists in person about this and topics relating to the elk herds over here to no avail. One person doesn't mean jack to them. 1000 people, if not united don't mean jack. So, tell me about this organization you have (DHI). How many members do you currently have? What is your organizational structure (ie., how many officers, board members etc.) What frequency do you have involvement with the Dept. of F&G. What are some of the big success stories the club has accomplished? Do you have any literature. If I decide to join, how do I?

Thanks for your time.


300Winnie, You bring up a lot of good points. I wish I new all the Info and Facts. We had a Directors meeting last night and another one in 2 weeks. After the Sportsman?s show in Boise. Another time puller for me. So hopefully I can answer a little bit then reply on additional stuff in a few days or weeks *SMILE*

I honestly can't answer all the questions you have about the Club "YET". I can Spout off about the Bitter brush planting, cleanup projects, monies to the Hunters Education programs/Kids Programs... And the list goes on. What I can't do is tell you what a POWER we have against F&G and the Commissioners. Truthfully I'd be lieing if I said I do or can.

I can tell you that I know a lot of people that have gone to the Commissioner meetings and some of the Commissioners read other stuff or even fall asleep during the presentation. I've yet to get that involved and I can tell you I wouldn't take Kindly to such. I'm sure I'll be updating you on future meetings soon.

We're putting together a plan as we speak to get out OWN biologist, Do our OWN counts, Beef up the Membership/involvement that we have with-in the organization and approach this subject with a ?game plan? and a Strategy. We're setting up Meetings as I type with KEY players in the F&G and people that are involved. A lot of people have been banging their heads too long against the 6' thick wall and we're trying a new Approach.

I'm hoping that "WE" as a group will be big enough to make a Difference. I totally agree that there are 100 Split groups across the State that gets nothing done. PERIOD ! We bring stuff to the Table and do the best with what we had/have and can only do that much. We?ve been around for a long time now, People know about us and there is no reason the club shouldn't boast some results.

?I? am assembling a team (This is another "WE" but I'll be heading it up, I'll take the Blame if it Fails, the Club and organization can take the Credit if it works. I'm OK with that so don't bash the ?I? *SMILE*)

I can't believe how easy it is to get 15 guys in a Room fired up about stuff. Everyone having good Ideas and good Suggestions, Working together to come up with what needs to be done, then As we're walking out it gets left on the Floor. It's like most of the guys on the Net beatching about stuff then never donate or get involve.

My goal this year for the club is 3 things.. Within it we will have Milestones to reach and hopefully keep on track. I'll keep things posted for you to follow and Comment if you're interested

1. Renew old memberships and sign up new people. There is many things in place now to keep the members interested and informed. Those 2 key things , or lack of doing them, results in loosing membership and interest. This is the Easy part to achieve I think.

2. Make key contacts. We have members that know biologists, commissioners and key people that it takes to learn and get things done. We need to gather all this KEY information and compile it... Which gets me to the Last one.

3. Get Organized!! Sounds Easy but to get everyone on the Same Page, all the information out there, and the Data presented in a Professional manner instead of just a Redneck Hunting group takes A LOT !!! we're working on it.

NOW, First off is the Membership. The membership for the Club is $20. YES, a lot of clubs are out there, a lot of you are members of them. I have one National club on my mind but don't want to spew out its initials. I'm not trying to bash any club at all. Anything that goes for the good of the animals we hunt is a good organization be it small or big. I do want you to ask yourself if you're a member of a club:

1. WHAT are they actually doing for you and your local game?
2. Who is actually benefiting from the money or memberships/life memberships?
3. What is the actually goal of the organization.
4. Are they making a difference or giving it their ALL to do what is right for the Animals.

I can guarantee that DHI will not only satisfy all those questions but answer a lot more. I will not say that in the Next year everything will change. But we will make a Difference and within the next few years be a Club that the F&G / Commissioners will listen too.

After all that Rambling, if you have further Questions about us check out the Website or drop me an Email @ . I can send you a copy of the Last newsletter and a Signup sheet. Only $20. It will make a Difference. Not that I should have to say this but ALL the directors/staff are working and donating time for Free. NO ONE makes money, it all goes back into the habitat or deer herds in some way.

In 2 weeks I'll update you on the upcoming projects and Projections for the year.

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