I have extra WYO elk points.


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I have extra wyo general season elk points if anyone is interested in putting in with me? We can work a price out. It will be cheaper than the special draw if you are thinking about that. We won't hunt together. Send me a pm and we can discuss.



This is click bait to see how many people are willing to buy points in the so called "black market". Wyoming residents are trying to get ammo to lobby the wildlife board in Wyoming to stop averaging points in group apps.

This is a retread of a lengthy post in the Wyoming section.


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>This is click bait to see
>how many people are willing
>to buy points in the
>so called "black market".
>Wyoming residents are trying to
>get ammo to lobby the
>wildlife board in Wyoming to
>stop averaging points in group
>This is a retread of a
>lengthy post in the Wyoming

Would think the vast majority of Wyoming residents would care less.


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Why in the world would any Wyoming resident care how non-residents average their points?

It doesn't change resident draw odd at all, nor the number of non-resident hunters in the field.

I wonder if the people against averaging points in a group would be mad if it was my son with 0 points and me with 12 going in together on a good 5-6 point hunt?

What seems to be the problem?


If you read the lengthy post in the WY section, it seems the residents don't want guys like Founder being able to hunt Region G every year killing "all" the big back-country bucks and giving up "honey hole" info in the process to a lazy hunter who is just along for the ride.

So the resident's want to show the WY wildlife board that a black market exists to "sell" pref points to strangers because of averging group application points. They want to change a groups point total to be equal to the lowest point total of the group. Min vs avg.

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