Lucky or Unlucky ?



I shot this buck at 400yds with a 7mm mag.
He dropped like a head shot quail. I turned for a moment to high five my hunting partner and when I looked back the buck was up and running down the ridge. Shot him at 8:00 am.... no blood trail... only blood and hair where he fell. Another hunter videoed him crossing a dirt road a mile from where we shot him. We looked for him in that area there rest of that luck.
Returned the next morning and searched a 1 square mile area. My brother came across him 3/4 of a mile from where we were parked.... still alive but hurting.It was 1:00pm the next day !!! Still alive and able to jog. My brother contacted me and we went searching again like we were bow hunting. After going another 1/2 mile from where he was last spotted we came across the buck again standing in the shade of a cliff rose bush....90 yds.
I had to shoot off hand but couldn't steady the 10lb long range rifle. My brother offered his shoulder as a rest and I squeezed off another round only to see the antelope take off running. I thought I had missed. He was in some brush so we couldn't see where he ran to. After some choice words and 100 yds further I found him laying there. Found out my initial shot found that small zone below the back bone and above the lungs. 😊

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