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I am near the point of retiring and hoping to hunt Coues in the next few years. If I want to hunt New Mexico, should I begin purchasing points in order to improve my odds at a great unit, or is this unnecessary?


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AZ has points but you can also buy over the counter Archery tags. If you are serious about hunting coues in AZ, I recommend you start buying points and in the meantime until you draw hunt OTC archery hunts. Good Luck


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Thanks to you both. I have AZ points, but am saving them for mule deer. For now, I may have to stick to NM for Coues. I enjoy archery, but recognize that a rookie hunting an unfamiliar area, for an unfamiliar species, with a stick, might be expecting too much...


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Pick a unit in AZ known for Coues, find a stock tank in a likely area, build a brush blind and sit it from 9AM until 4PM. You'll arrow your Coues.


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Pick up a left over tag in AZ after the draw if you don't get your mule deer hunt. There are always several units available in different hunts and you don't loose your accrued points. Pick one and try it for a couple years. You'll get to hunt each year and as you learn the unit you will likely be successful.

NM has no points so it a random draw each year, but worth a try.
Arizona has a bowhunting record book ( that shows the unit number of every animal entered. It can help you identify the units with the highest success, if you should decide to try that option. There's also a table in the back of the book showing how many entries were taken in each unit, for each species, which makes the work of researching units pretty quick!

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