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well so far we have gotten one for the books, a thirteen year old chic took her first buck this year, how the story gose as it was told to me,

it was the last day of the season, Britney and her dads friend John went out to shoot whatever had horns, so they were out driving around saw about 20 does and a small forky, so they decided that a forky was big enough. He went a different dirrection than the does and dropped into a draw, so they got on the 4-wheeler went to the draw about 1 mile away, when they got there the forky was no where in site, so as they turned around John sawa 4-point standing looking at them from 75 yards, britney jumped off rested her 243 over the seat and sqeezed off the buck took the round through the neck and was down, well here is the pic,

if it an X fell free to help post MARK


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>lol i have the same pants
>that she does!!! mine are
>quite a bit bigger though!

are you saying she in your pants, or you in hers???? remember she only 13.......LOL


That's a great buck for her! Notice how her ol' mans hands are all bloody and hers are clean :) Gotta wipe a little blood on her face or something. :) Of course, I'll probably do the same thing some day.


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hell we alll got blood on our hands, but not her, I tried to get her to take a bite out of the heart just to get the spirt of the deer...........LOL

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