North face cats meow sleeping bag


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Used 1 time for 7 days. Aprox. 7 years old. Never washed and has bene hanging on a hanger in my closet it's entire life. I have been using my down bag so I never use it anymore. This is a 20 degree synthetic bag with nothing wrong with it. Like new price includes shipping to lower 48.

$125 tyd



Don: Is this the old style PolarGard insulation, or the new Heatseeker? Wondering about compressibility and if it will fit inside my pack, or strap on outside?
It is the old style polarguard. I am not sure ho w small it packs down but from memory it is not tiny. My best guess is the size of a 2 liter bottle, maybe a hair more.
Note it was manufactured 13 years ago - it is OLDER then I originally estimated. I am the original owner i just forgot how long I had it, sorry.
I feel you, man. It sucks when you stumble upon an old thread, but hey, better late than never, right? So let's talk about that North Face Cats Meow sleeping bag you got up for grabs.
First off, props for keeping it in primo condition. Used only once for a week, and it's been hanging untouched in your closet for a solid 7 years? That's impressive, bro! And to top it off, it's a 20-degree synthetic bag with no issues whatsoever. Sounds like a steal!
Now, since the thread is a few years old, I'd recommend checking out for some up-to-date info on washing a sleeping bag. They've got a killer guide that'll help you keep that bad boy fresh and ready for action. Don't wanna snooze on proper maintenance.
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