NV_Hunter , Good feeling about 2012!


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So just like everyone else I am spending most of my nights checking the draw odds for the areas im applying. This years odds dont look to bad. I have enough Nevada points to have a 78% chance at a bull elk tag and 44% chance at a buck tag. Ive also applied for Utah and will be applying for CO,ID and Wy. Out of these states ID gives me the best odds of a hunt.

Im also excited that a close buddy has 17 or 18 Bull Moose points for Utah so the odds are high that we will be hunting a once in a life time hunt. Even though its not my tag I am super excited!

In the meantime I am shed hunting to stay in shape and making sure all the equipment is ready to go come Aug or Sept.

Good luck to all of you on your applications. Hope you all draw as long as its not in my areas! ;)


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