Opening Day Taker, or No?


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I'll set the scene..... It's opening day of your high country rifle hunt. You burned 7 points for the tag. You didn't get a chance to do any scouting, but from your online chatting, you're thinking he's probably a pretty good one for the area. He's down there at 290 yards. Are you taking him or passing hoping for something that looks like it'd be better eating? :) Or bigger antlers?



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I'm sending one his way. Don't pass on first day what you would be happy with on last day. Especially with no scouting. He is a great buck.😁🦌


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As I have said before, there are many guys on here that are better hunters and killed a lot of bigger deer than me. But for the average guy, with no scouting and, your hearing he is probably a pretty good buck for the area, within 300 yards. I am offering him a dirt nap.

Then I am going to sit back and relax a few days with my boy and friends who were on the trip with me.


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That's a mature buck fellas. Not the biggest ever but a proper buck to let the air out of. Very likely I would shoot. He won't be exceptional on score but will likely score and frame out a little bigger than most would judge him at. Very large body on that deer. Deep chest. Big Belly. Big fat ass. Both ears have splits. Waddle on his jaw. Bang!


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Not sure if he’s worth 7 years of waiting but in today’s world he might be as good as it’s gonna get. He’s plenty mature I agree with that. Might regret it but ...... Boom


He appears to have some growing left to do on his tops. Looks like a big, older buck. I like him, therefore, I shoot him... given your scenario.


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I'd let my Dad shoot him. I don't need another pisscutter set of antlers hanging in the rafters. Kidding.


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Depends, Can I shoot him out of the window?

But seriously, that buck would be my new personal best...No Question.


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I'm an NR. So I'm holding out for a forkhorn :D :D

Just kidding guys...He's going down. No questions asked.

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