Places to backpack in southern Utah this time of year?


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Cabin Fever is Setting in. Need to get out in the mountains. I was wondering if you guys know of anywhere in southern Utah where the weather is decent where I could go backpacking with my family of 7. My youngest two are six years old. The oldest is 13. We could probably go in 2 miles. My wife and I will be carrying most of the gear. Does anybody know of an area that would be fun to backpack into. We have a seek outside tent with a wood-burning stove. Don't want to go into a national park. Please let me know if you have any ideas. I do plan on hunting the Pine Valley unit. I don't know if there's anything down in that unit that would be fun to backpack into this time of year. By no means am I tied to just that area. I just figured I would ask. Would love to hear from you guys thanks.


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Contact Predator here on MM. She is out in the canyon lands and red rock country, almost every day off.


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I would think you need to get pretty low in elevation to be reasonably comfortable this time of year even during the day.

I'd look around some place like Mesquite. Might not even have to backpack 🤣


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Have ya looked into Goblin Valley State Park?

You could set-up your Wall tent in many of the campsites big enough for that tent and day trip out every morning.

Pretty dang cold at night but warm during the day.



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I don’t live too far from the Blanding/Bluff country, and my concern would be the temps. It’s mid teens at night, and the high has been mid 30’s. You’re gunna have to sleep with your canteen. If you were my dad, I would make you sleep with mine too.

Although I’m quite a bit higher than say the river at Mexican Hat, those valleys can still get pretty cold with the cold air flowing into them.

That said this week is looking pretty good. You’re still going to want a fire though. Mexican Hat is a pretty cool place To start looking (y)


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Damnation, it’s cold this time of year even in the desert!
A fine trailer with a great heater is just right for my old bones this time of year.
With that said, I’ve backpacked when boots would get wet during the day and freeze so solidly at night (IN THE TENT) that they wouldn’t go on my feet....but I don’t take the family on those type outings.
Pick a spot, don’t get too far from the truck in case it’s too cold and have a ball!!!


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