Trapping and mountain lions


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My husband and I are new to trapping. We ended up catching a mountain lion kitten in a wolf foothold. We were able to release the kitten safely. The mother stayed with the kitten until we were a short distance from the trap.
My question is, will the mother lion avoid the area or will she continue to come through where the kitten was accidentally caught. Trying to determine if I should move my trapfrom that particular area. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
I'm hoping so. I did put up a trail camera over the area they were in. If they are on the camera tomorrow, I'll move them. Thank you for your input
I doubt that the kitten getting caught will make them change their travel or hunting routes. I am assuming you had some sort of bait or lure near your set IF so, that is likely what drew them in . If its a carcass they are not going to leave it !! and if there are wolf tracks by your set by all means reset it that cat scent should draw wolves in to investigate
Just a by catch. It happens to anyone trapping bait piles for wolves. Use snares and then they are easier to release lol.
What till you catch a bear or God forbid a grizzly.

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