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Let's see your Trophy Bulls on the Wall!

The Trophy Bucks on the Wall thread turned out to be a good one with lots of participation, so how about a Trophy Bulls on the Wall, or on a Pedestal, thread.
Of course, we'd love to hear a bit about the bull(s) too. And feel free to give a shout out to your taxidermist if you'd like. Share as many photos as you'd like as well!

We'll run the photo thread for a few weeks and then I'll randomly pick winners for the prizes. Each post with photo(s) shared will count as one entry and every 10 reactions that your post gets will get an extra entry.

The contest prizes will be a Phone Skope Kit for 1st place and Pyro Putty and an Arch Lighter for 2nd place. Thanks to the folks at Phone Skope for the gear! If you don't already own the a Phone Skope, then get over to their site and get one......that is if you don't win one here! It's a valuable piece of gear to have with you for helping to preserve your hunting and scouting adventures.

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OK, I'll bite. Not a monster, but my first elk. And only so far. And since winning is random, I have a chance...just like the Arizona draw!! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

As a bonus, you also get:
1) My first buck - The monster 30" mulie...15" on one side, 15" on the other!
2) My first Merriams turkey - "He's coming out of that canyon if I have to go in there and get him myself!"
3) The "Wide One" antelope - My BIL and I spotted two the day before the season. We decided I would shoot the wide one, and he would shoot the tall one. The wide one is the only one that showed up opening day.
4) Two Iowa Whitetails skull caps, killed 3 years apart, from the same tree, with the same arrow.
5) A glimpse of my first turkey.
6) And another random buck and turkey fan.

Oh, the elk, deer, and lope were done by Adams Taxidermy and Meat Processing in Claxton, TN.


He’s not on the wall or a pedestal yet because I just picked him up from the taxidermist yesterday. He’s my first mature bull & I couldn’t be more proud. DIY here in NV unit 115 after 111 kicked my tail for 6 straight days.
Some amazing bulls on this thread. I only have one elk mount on the wall and it is my best bull. Utah OTC muzzleloader public land bull. I do not have any more wall space in my little house so I have a few European mounts laying around in any space I can fit them. I would love to have the wall space that some of the posters above have. Fun stuff.

Someday I hope to have a dedicated "man cave". As of now, this is the time I've had them together in one spot.

All from the same unit in UT.
2015 late rifle, 2021 archery, 2013 early rifle.

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All 3 Phases of capes on your bulls. Awesome. I don't believe anyone has posted all 3 season bulls taxidermied before, that were Utah draw bulls. Very Very cool. Congrats to you and your wife.

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