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Just returned from a week of camping and riding with friends in Valle Vidal. What beautiful country. We camped at Cimarron Campground and rode out each day on our horses. My GPS said we covered 45 miles in three days of riding. Most of our rides were south and west of the campground. It rained most evenings. Forage conditions are great! Grass everywhere. Did not see as many elk as my friends have seen in past years. I believe they were north of us and some down along the southern border of VV. The grazing permittee had most of the cattle near the Clayton pens. Supposed to be about 900 head in there. We did not see that many but they were scattered. Saw several mule deer, mostly does, but did see a couple good bucks. Only bear we saw was on the way out, down on Vermejo Park Ranch. Never even saw a bear track up on VV. Hundreds of chipmunks. Those little guys were everywhere. One kept trying to hitch a ride in our horse trailer back to Texas. I think he would have not liked the heat once he got here. I have decided if I ever get lucky enough to draw a tag in VV I will have to pick a spot and pack in away from the couple open roads. The question is which spot?? Good luck to those who have tags up there this fall.

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