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Went Back up this Morning Looking for Survivors!

Fresh Snow!

Cold & Cleared Off!

Not Much Game Moving!(Storm is Not Over & Held Em Up!)

Did See a Weird Buck at Point Blank Range but No Camera!

Mr & Jr went back up Tonight & Got a Couple Pics & Some Footage of Him!

If You've Got a Pic or Two Of Weirdo Bucks Post Em Up!



[font color="blue"]She put a Big F.U. in My Future,Ya She's got a
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Hey Homer?

If I Get Him Next Year with My New Burris Guess Who's Scoring Him?:D:D:D

[font color="blue"]She put a Big F.U. in My Future,Ya She's got a
way with Words[/font]
LAST EDITED ON Dec-10-16 AT 11:02PM (MST)[p]Here are a couple weird ones my brothers have shot.


And here are a couple hangin out where the famous cemetery buck used to reside.


Here are some weird sheds
these first ones are two years off of a muley that grew like elk.



This is a shed off of a pretty cool buck. Never matched him up or seen him in person so I'm not sure what his other side was like. One of my cooler sheds though. First post so I'm not sure how it will turn out haha
I guess me an Tog are just two B&C bigots. I leave the strange stuff for the meat eaters.
Right beam: 3 point/Center beam: 6 point (growing out back of his head)/Left beam: 6 point
My buck from this year. His body was really small and his one side looks like a five point whitetail with a cheater and the other like a mule deer. Barely had any nuts they were the size of BBs. Then when I gutted him he had another nut that hadn't dropped attached to his tenderloin. Weird buck.



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I posted this Buck I got in Colorado earlier. I just got done during a euro on him. A friend gave me the idea of taking a torch to it and giving it a burned look. I think it turned out pretty good. The zip ties are on it because I had to cut the antlers off to boil the head. Letting the glue dry. 😊



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Hey Elkster...due to the hard winter last year....he forgot to take his Viagra for this winter...
Not a muley, but definitely weird for a whitey. I hunted this buck last year & never laid eyes on him. He disappeared from the property for a month before showing back up at the end of the season. I asked a buddy if he would shoot a deer for a friend that needed some meat. I meant a doe… not the buck I was after. lol Sure enough ol’ boy showed himself & that was that. Pretty cool looking deer.
I Seen A Small Buck This Year Down On The Triangle That was Similar To A Couple Bucks Posted Above!

He Had A Normal 2 Point Antler On His Right Side!

His Left 2 Point Antler Paralleled His Forehead & Crossed Midway & Wrapped Around His Nose & Mouth!

Couldn't Hardly Open His Mouth But I Guess He Was Surviving!

I Watched Him Long Enough To See It Was Solid,Not Floppin!

I'd Bet Money He Can't Wait For Shed Season!:D
That top picture is the same buck in post #13… The picture you have is from the year he was killed…
Do you have any information on him?
Sorry Tikka, I don’t have any info on him. I only saw him a couple of times out in the same field. Pretty cool deer!

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