Which buck would take?


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Here's a couple photos by Peter Eades that are in the Photo Tours section of the website.
Let's say you're on your dream hunt, you glass each direction on a high, open ridge and one direction stands the top buck. The other direction is the droptine buck. Which one are you going to take a crack at? Or are you going to keep looking for bigger?

Hawg Heaven XXXIII

Hawg Heaven XXXIII


They're probably both going to get away while I clean the mess in my pants! But if I was able to compose myself top buck.
Love the drop tine,yet my choice probably would be the Top Buck, if they were standing side by side.
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I’m having déjà vu.
Seems like this exact topic came up a couple years ago with these same two Bucks


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I'm Gonna Keep Looking for Bigger!

Both Them Bucks Need To do Some Serious Breeding in this State of the Most Over Hunted Herd Anywhere!

One More Thing!

You Won't See Either one Of Them Bucks Up Very High!


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Both, The top one in 2020 and then I’d go back in 2021 and get #2 the next season. It’s nice to dream anyway 😉.

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