WY Elk ?


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Just got the news that my Dad drew a Commissioners License for WY. He's 68 and has always wanted to kill a nice bull, but we usually concentrate on deer. I was hoping some of you die-hard Elk hunters could throw in your opinion on what Elk hunt to select in WY. He would be happy with a chance at a nice 6x6 bull with possibility of killing a bull 330 - 340 or better. Leaning towards 100 or 30,31. What do you guys think? Pm me if you want! Thanks in advance! buckspotter7


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How do you apply for one of those tags?
Do you get points if not drawn?

'my Dad drew a Commissioners License for WY.'

I have burnt some boot leather in 31 & 32 over the years if ya need any intel.



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Well if they would let you have a tag in 113 I think I would go that route. Somethin about that area intrigues me. I think they actually kill some legitimate big bulls there. Helps it only gets hunted for bulls every three years.

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