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Archery Success

LAST EDITED ON Aug-25-19 AT 08:44PM (MST)[p]After several days of unsuccessful stalks and having a very very close encounter with a mountain lion, my son Chris was finally able to get it done. After having to relocate this buck after he walked out of site, Chris stalked into position, then sat on this buck for 3 hours in the hot Nevada sun waiting for this buck to make a move. He thought he was closer than he actually was (miscalculation on which brush clump) when the buck finally stood Chris had to make a quick downhill shot at 54 yards. His first shot deflected off an unseen twig and headed for the sun, the buck did not have a clue he was a target and gave Chris another chance, this time it made an unobstructed flight to the buck and drilled him. We watched him run over a crest at a couple hundred yards and disappear, then a huge dust cloud filled the sky as we hoped he hit the dirt and began rolling to the creekbed in the bottom of the Canyon. After cresting the hill we discovered that was exactly what happened with the buck piled up near the creekbed, Great Day!!!! The packout was an absolute nightmare for myself, 3.5 miles and 6 hours, blisters on pretty much every part of my foot that touched my boots. I'll be hard after it again this coming weekend after a week of healing. Congratulation's Chris on another great hunt to remember.


That is a beautiful buck! Congrats to you and your son on a successful hunt.
Good luck this upcoming weekend on your own hunt.
LAST EDITED ON Aug-26-19 AT 06:26PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Aug-26-19 AT 06:23?PM (MST)

Thanks for the compliments. Reflecting back on the day we were very fortunate in relocating the buck before he located us. When we found him his body was 90% in the sun with only his head and antlers in the shade, he laid on that hot sunny hillside all afternoon getting cooked by the hot sun. Usually when the sun goes overhead and directly on a deer's body they will move to a new shadier spot, this guy didn't seem to care. Live and learn as they say, it made him much easier to find. Chris has been pretty deadly with his bow since he was only 13, when I watch him draw I feel good things are about to happen.


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Sounds like a bunch of fun and excitement. And great buck! Good times! Thanks for sharing.

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As always, great buck. Adrenalinaddict, I've done the blister thing myself in the past. I found that I could not wear cotton socks. Or any kind of socks but wool. After I went to wool I very seldom get a blister. fatrooster
LAST EDITED ON Sep-19-19 AT 07:29PM (MST)[p]I had learned the same thing about socks years ago, all I wear is wool but for some reason even wool generates blisters these days, I must just be turning in to a wussy foot. I probably averaged 5 mountain miles a day but even after 16 days in the field my season ended without a kill, saw several real decent bucks though, all in all it was a great season, just couldn't get all the planets to align.
Attached are a few spotting scope pictures from the hunt. It's always fun to give them a look after season in hopes that they'll grow a bit for next year.


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