I'm interested in getting some viewpoints of advantages or disadvantages of a UTV with 72 inch wide wheelbase.
They look good but want to hear about "IN THE FIELD" experiences.
Thanks beforehand.


72” utv usually are more sport oriented the wider track allows more travel and stability at speed. The narrow track machines will usually turn tighter and have a larger cargo capacity due to the way they are set up. If you are going to play all summer then go an a hunt or two go wide. If it’s purpose is hunting go narrow and strong. Pick the machine for the job. One doesn’t pull a trailer with a Porsche rather than the truck


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I’ve had both and kept my 50” just because I can haul it in the back of my truck, no trailer.


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The 50 inch machines are great for getting down those 50 Inch gated trails. The only problem is the 50 inch wide machines are only two seaters. The four seaters ride really nice. You have to be careful changing rims and tires. My machines is now 68 inches wide. Four seaters are nice for more people and gear. They also ride like a long travel race car. I keep a couple Fourwheelears around for the 50 inch trails. And have learned to take other trails and meet the 50 inch guys at the other side of the trail. They all have their positives and negatives.


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I have had 50", 60" and now a 64" turbo. both 2 and 4 seater. No doubt the wider turbo is more fun and smoother, but they all work. 4 seaters give you more places to put stuff and room if more hunters. I sold my 50" as we just never used it.

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