Kaibab Update Monsoon '21


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Just got back from brief scouting trip to North Kaibab - amazing what 2 weeks of heavy monsoon moisture will do. Looks like a green carpet has been laid down - everything and everywhere is green and thriving - this is first real monsoon moisture I've seen since 2018 - 2019 and 2020 were a bust. Standing water everywhere, every water source I checked now has water - road ruts and potholes are full., w/more rain on the way! I'd say, based on what I saw, that bucks will finish up nicely in terms for antler growth. They all had that nice summer "red" so easy to spot. Good luck to all - 25 days 'til archery opener!


Awesome to hear. Thank you for the report. I look forward to hearing from you and what you're seeing up there. You are definitely due a tag after all the help that you have given others up there over the years.


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Seems a little spotty over last 30 days:


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We got another good drenching last night in Glendale. My backyard was a lake early today. Hopefully the rest of the state got some too.

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