Nov Upland Adventures


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This Nov I was able to send some amazing time chasing birds with my family and our dogs. Here are some pictures from a 3 week stretch that had us chasing in South Dakota, Idaho and Utah. I didn't type a bunch on this post I'll just let the pics speak for themselves.

First trip was 4 days in South Dakota with Bad River Bucks and Birds. This was chasing wild birds in some very tough conditions. Temps in the 80s were rough on the dogs and winds up to 20 mph were rough on the shooters! That being said, it was a bucket list hunt that was a 10 out of 10 for me and more birds and shooting than I even imagined.

After an amazing trip to SD I was able to sneak up to Idaho to hunt with a friend.

After chasing wild birds for a couple weeks we decided to take a trip down to Castle Valley Club in Utah. I had heard very good things about this club and they did not disappoint. Strong flying birds that loved to run.

The more time I spend following my dogs through good habitat the more I shift to this side of my hunting passion. Family, well trained dogs, abundant birds and pretty shotguns are things that make me happy.


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I have to agree with you on that. All hunts are fun. My LE Elk tag this year is one I will never forget and I will never get tired of telling the story. But that said, It can't compare with Pheasant Hunting with Family and Friends. Especially when you can take your young kids and let them have fun with cousins.

This year will be one I will never forget, I brought my 5yo on his first hunt and he was in heaven. At one point he was with my dad and we were still hunting. Some guys winged a bird but didn't go after it. My dad and another guy watched it land, The dog went in after it and was pointing at it in the corn. My 5yo went in and picked it up. He carried this bird around for hours. It is now in the freezer needing dropped off at the Taxidermist.


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Some good look dogs right there, The first part of Nov, was hell on us that didn't bring enough t-shirts, Now it pretty dang cold back there.
As the corn got combined the birds really did showed up.It looks like a good carry over if the winterkill don't get to high.
Great bunch of pictures.Can't beat hunting behind a good Dog or 2.

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LAST EDITED ON Mar-15-17 AT 08:02AM (MST)[p]Awesome photos. I love a good pheasant hunt with wild birds. What type of dogs are you running Cody? Was that one a Vizsla? Thanks for posting.



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Yes I have a little female vizsla. She's a little machine in the field and a sweetheart at home. The rest are drahthaars. I have the black female, brother has the big male and my brother in law has the other two. I took a friend mountain goat hunting few years ago he brought a drahth with him that hunted the entire time with us. I fell in love with the breed. We've all switch to the drahths since. They are monsters in the field and awesome at home.


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>Yes I have a little female
>vizsla. She's a little
>machine in the field and
>a sweetheart at home.
>The rest are drahthaars.
>I have the black female,
>brother has the big male
>and my brother in law
>has the other two.
>I took a friend mountain
>goat hunting few years ago
>he brought a drahth with
>him that hunted the entire
>time with us. I fell
>in love with the breed.
> We've all switch to
>the drahths since. They
>are monsters in the field
>and awesome at home.

Just don't let those drahths around cats or anything else with fur. My buddy has one, it pretty much just runs wild on his farm. I don't think I've ever been around that dog when it didn't smell like a skunk or have porcupine quills in her, usually both. His farm use to be overrun with feral cats, not anymore.

Muley, did you happen to get that drarth from some guy in Cache Valley?


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They are bred for feathers and fur for sure. If you don't train them right and control them I am sure they can be a handful. I did not get mine out of Cache Valley, She is out of one of Scott Doxey's females and the dad is out of Germany but is now in Grand Junction CO. I don't know much about the drahths in Cache Valley. My brothers dog is out of Idaho, and our others are out of South Carolina.


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What date are going back this year,
We are going back either 2 week of Nov. or end of the 3rd week for Thanksgiving.

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Great photos!

Gonna be a great chukar season here. After all my "unsuccessfuls" this year, looking forward to chasing the dogs around this fall/winter.

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