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Drew region j as my second choice to save my points this year and was hoping to see some region j bucks that were killed from members on here and what I could possibly expect. I know a lot of it is private.


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LAST EDITED ON Jun-24-18 AT 12:24PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jun-24-18 AT 12:22?PM (MST)

Have hunted J 3x now and have harvested a buck everytime. Not gonna kid ya but a 20"-22" buck would have been pretty good animal. Best we ever got was a 22" 4pt and that took 5 days of looking to find him. Plenty of forkies and small 3 pts.

Edit; we hunted an area around Sugar Loaf.

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>AT 12:24?PM (MST)

>AT 12:22?PM (MST)

>Have hunted J 3x now and
>have harvested a buck everytime.
>Not gonna kid ya but
>a 20"-22" buck would have
>been pretty good animal. Best
>we ever got was a
>22" 4pt and that took
>5 days of looking to
>find him. Plenty of forkies
>and small 3 pts.
>Edit; we hunted an area around
>Sugar Loaf.
>"Courage is being scared to death
>saddling up anyway."

Sugar Loaf in J ?


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We hunted J once for deer on a private ranch near the river. Very few deer. My Dad filled his tag with a doe one year. The largest buck we killed was an 8 inch wide cactus buck. We wouldn't hunt J again. Did run into some guys that shot the G and F buck decoy set up just off the road who got ticketed for that. Luckily, the does they had shot were all legal.

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