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LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-17 AT 08:18PM (MST)[p]Some how I managed to get a hold of a time machine, so I went forward to 2025. This was printed in on of the Utah news papers


The Utah Governors Shed Licence went for a record 103 thousand at the Hunting Expo this last weekend. The licence was first offered in 2020 in responce to political pressure from "conservation group" SWFu (Save Wildlife For us). SWFu argued that The Gov. Shed Licence and the Shed raffle licence was a good compromise and needed since the shed hunting ban. The licence allows the holder to collect shed antlers starting Jan. first instead of waiting until the first of April. Back in the bad winter of 2017 wildlife managers became concerned about too many people on the public winter range so they implemented a shed hunting ban until the end of March in several of the hardest hit counties. The ban was extended in 2018 and implemented state wide in 2019. Far too much of the money generated by the two Licences is given to SWFu witch uses the money on it's self serving projects.

Once again the high bidder was Lenard(Fat Boy)Boneas, fast food mogul from California. In an interview Mr. Boneas was happy too brag about his shed hunting expertise and his strategy for the upcoming season. Quick to put in a shameless plug for his fast food eateries Boneas was sure to point out that the Triple Burger with extra sauce he was eating was "man fuel for the riggers of shed hunting". He would like to thank SWFu for all the hard work they do and for making the tag available. He also thanked MossyBone outfitters for making last years hunt and outstanding success. Last year he was able to find over twenty 200 inch sets of antlers.
Boneas is confident that this year will be even better and has once again retained Mossybone outfitters. Boneas is offering and even larger locators fee for big antlers.(the rumor is that Mr. Boneas is willing to pay as much as $50,000 for a 300 inch brown set.) This year he will also have a better way to get around the hills. This past summer Boneas purchased a HC1000 to get where other RV's can not go. ( The HC1000 is the civilian version of the military's formerly top secret hover craft. The HC1000 is capable of speeds up to 60 mph and able to go up or down slopes of 40 degrees. Other than the price of just over a million dollars the biggest draw back is the noise. The twin 500 horse power jet engines produce twice the decibels of the loudest heavy metal band. Specialized hearing protection is required.)
Mr. Boneas also wanted to thank all of last years locators and if anyone is able to locate a large set of antlers this year they should quickly send pictures and the GPS coordinates of the antlers MossyBone outfitters as soon as possible. The quicker the better as there are too many shed poachers in the hills. If it is a very large set the locator may want to set on a nearby hill to keep tabs on the antlers until Mr Boneas can arrive. It could also become necessary to block the access roads to the antlers. Be sure to remember as a locator you are not allowed to touch the antlers as that would be illegal and considered harassing wildlife. Also be sure to tell MossyBone outfitters if you want to be in the team photo.
Mr Boneas expects that soon he will be the greatest shed hunter of all time and is looking forward to next year when shed tags for the Henry's and antelope Island are auctioned.

We also were able to talk to the lucky raffle tag winner. He is excited that he will be able to take his 10 and 12 year old sons on a March shed hunt or two this year.

Wildlife managers are concerned that Mr Boneas's shed hunting trips could result is some wildlife harassment but are quick to point out that the money generated offsets any damage. They are also very concerned that the raffle tag winner's sons in their excitement could handle a shed antler as that would be illegal harassment of wildlife


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My current situation precludes me from caring about your opinion but go ahead and give voice to it anyway...

Finally something on here worth reading!! Only funny cause it is true!

Unfortunately my side view might indicate too many man fuel burgers during this long cold winter, I need to get the lil Princess that second job so I can make the payments on that hover craft, I can't make her broom work on side hills.


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Every thing you said is going to happen, not sure when but it's going to.Some funny chit and a great read.

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