Texas Drawn Hunts catalog is now on line

Wanting to put in again for Nilgai but that border situation has me more than a little concerned.
Camping out and all.
I want to put in for Texas. Who’s willing to take me? I’ll bring my own beer and I’ll help you bury a liberal while I’m there.
An alligator, nilgai, and aoudad would make a fine addition to your Alaskan collection!
The only issue most have is not selecting "Add Applicant" each time, to do it even to list yourself. Then it works fine
Today is first deadline. Probably draw for alligator tomorrow. Next deadline Aug 15th for archery hunts.
I drew in 2019 and a coworker drew in 2011.

I was doing some calculations and it would take about 700 years for a true points system to guarantee a tag at Rita Blanca.

They should go back to a true random draw and keep it $3 to apply.

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Texas Guides & Outfitters

West Texas Hunting

Private land free range hunts for native and exotic game on nearly 1 million acres in west Texas.

Urge 2 Hunt

Deer/Elk tags - DIY or guided for all species. Many guaranteed tags for trophy hunts.

Vargo Hunting

300k acres for free range auodad, mule deer, elk, whitetail and all the Texas exotics.

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