The wait begins/When will results be out?

Tell you what...i dont draw a decent hunt with 14 pts this year for deer, i will be putting in for low end hunts and be done with this state.
Agreed!! The point game is a failure in general.... and WA is worse off than most states. A youth just starting out, or a new hunter, is at a huge disadvantage


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So several of the well known hunting magazines usually have a state-by-state summary or rundown of the western states hunt opportunities, quality, etc. I read one of these articles last year, and when it came to Washington, the article simply said for non-residents, WA is not really worth considering, given the price for non-resident tags, hunt opportunity, and hunt quality. That being said, I try to make the most out of the opportunities that do exist here....unlimited general season tags. Gotta play the cards you are dealt.

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