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I am thinking a Texas hunt in 2023 should be on the agenda for my teenage son and me. There just aren’t many more springs left with him at home. We don’t need a guide, just good ground, Turkeys, some room to roam, a place to stay and someone to say, “the turkeys are usually over in that direction.” I know there are a million turkey camps in Texas, but most of what I am finding through web searches are fully guided and a little posh for our taste and budget.

I could also possibly put together a larger group if someone knows an opportunity to lease out a place exclusively for a week or long weekend.

I want to avoid a place that is hunted to death. I really want a high quality hunt with lots of birds. Hogs, fishing, unique location, would all be a plus but aren’t necessary. I know that “cheap” hunts usually aren’t a true bargain, but cost is a consideration since I will be paying for 2 hunters.

Can anyone point me I the right direction?
I lived in Tx for 1/2 my life. I know exactly what you’re looking for, and all I can say is Good luck. These opportunities existed in the 90’s, and I’m sure there are a few now, but your best bet would be to have a personal connection that owns a ranch, or some kind of referral. It’s very much pay to play system down there.

Wish I had better news.
I don’t mind to pay. I’m just hoping to find something that isn’t a fully guided, gourmet meals, etc., situation.

Thanks for the info.
I don’t mind to pay. I’m just hoping to find something that isn’t a fully guided, gourmet meals, etc., situation.

Thanks for the info.
I get it, completely because I’ve looked for these opportunities for years. They’re very difficult to find.

IF you decided to go the guided route, take a look at the King Ranch. Hands down the coolest place in Texas, and the hunting is out of this world. It’s a little spendy, but the experience is on another level.
You might keep an eye on Craigslist in San Antonio, or whatever part of the state you were looking at. I used to find opportunities by doing that, but it’s hit or miss on what to expect when you do find a place.
Thanks. I didn’t realize it would be a hard thing to find. We might have to look a different direction. I just think a Texas hunt would be cool. I just want to spend his spring break hunting somewhere next year. Might head to Alabama.
Take a look over on the Texas Hunting Forum- outfitters and guides section. Might find something on there, at least contact one of the outfitters and ask.
Houston Chronicle paper used to have a classified section for hunts and leases. Check on Chron.com

Texas P&W has a new on-line service for landowners to list their properties, and what hunts are available.
"Hunt Texas Online Connection."

Finally, get on the TP&W website for public drawn hunts during the period July-October, and apply for a public hunt on a WMA in Spring 2023.
Most good turkey ground is already leased either by repeat hunters with a year-round lease or outfitters. Most good leases are way more than I will spend for one or two birds. Sadly our places does not have turkeys.

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