Who Did Some Shed Antler Hunting this Year? (Poll)

Did you do some antler hunting this year?

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Interested to know how many on this site got out looking for shed antlers this year? How days so far?
We'd love to see some photos of what's been found too!

Lost interest in the sheds, but for those that haven’t…….. enjoy your time in the field.

Picking up sheds is like milking cows…….. take care of the resource and the commodity grows right back. Screw up the resource and the commodity disappears.

What a screwed up concept! 😁
Squirrels and chipmunks chew up antlers on their way to the ground around here! In all my time in the Tennesse woods, I've only found 2-3, small ones.
Oh boy did I find some Antler and a lot of it. Screw going out and finding one or two antlers I like the town square full of brown gold. There is a vender that brings sheds out of Washington and they are the most beautiful raw umber with red hews mixed in and there . My favorite are the giant record book Alaskan Moose sheds 25 pounds a paddle just amazing.
I do a bit of shed hunting. I consider it scouting and research.

Opening day was pretty good to me! My best day ever in fact. Turns out when you watch them all winter you get a good idea where to look. The antler on the middle right is from a ~325-330 bull.

Day After I went out after the match to that big one. Told my girl if I only found 1 but it was the match to that one itd be a good day. Thats exactly how it went. Matched it up, my best brown set yet. I have grainy spotting scope pictures of this bull laying in the sun in feb/march


Also found a single side from the bull I killed 4th rifle last year, this is the match to a his 2021 single I have. I now have his last 2 complete sets from before harvest.

Found this set within 200 yards of where I got my bull last year. Perhaps a 2025 or 2026 target if he can make it?

Also picked up this matching deer set, I have his matching set from last year as well. Have a tag for the area 4th season, hoping to put a face to a name, never actually laid eyes on him. Not sure what caused his right side to be all funky this year but assuming that goes back to normal hes a ~165-170 class deer.


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Only whitetails on the farm here in MO. Found about a dozen, but none of the big ones. I think the big deer eat theirs when the drop...
Was a rough year. The whitetails packed pretty late. Found a few but nothing special. Elk was the same story. The bulls held on a few days longer than I hoped. Couldn't find the time to go back up.

But anyway did find this elk shed on the river bottom. I know some elk have been moving in but I didn't realize this far down. Did find a dead bull but someone cut the head off on the river

If you consider walking around the farm with my kids looking for a shed antler then I guess I went shed hunting this year. We found a couple laying around. For as many bucks that are around on our farm we find very few sheds. Pretty sure others are getting to them before we are taking our walks. They are cool but to spend any gas money on them would be hard to justify. If I find them out hunting, scouting, or hiking it is a bonus to the trip.

I do hike for training most days of the work week, going to different spots and am always looking but I answered none because I don’t go only to look for sheds
I got out a bit, was a down year for actually finding good sheds. Shed season is a nice way to not get quite as fat between season for me. Usually my average is 4 miles per shed, this year it was 6. Found one nice brown set and another buried chalky set with my boy which was definitely the highlight! I also got to watch a buck shake his head and drop one side which was a first for me. A handful of trips were complete skunks..

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