Youth hunting boots


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I’m looking to buy my 12 yr. old son some quality new hunting boots since he is a little older. Not lot of selection. Any ideas?


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You might look at women’s boots for smaller sizes. There are probably some masculine looking boots. They are probably the same as men’s but smaller.


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Not a lot of selection? Are you kidding? What shoe size!? How much do you want to spend?
Type of hunting?
My son lived in Camo Mucks still does and Danners worked well for big game hunts.
Only 12, going to be buying a lot of boots :)


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Only 12, going to be buying a lot of boots :)
That's why there isn't a big selection. You don't want to have to take out a second mortgage just to keep a youth in a pair of boots thay don't ruin their hunt because last year's are too small.

Mine are all finally done growing, so I can now move on to better and longer lasting footwear.

We did trail hiker style for warmer weather and Muck Boots for late season/winter.


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Good boots for kids is a tough thing. You want something decent but it hurts paying much for boots (or clothes for that matter) when they grow a size every three weeks.


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I would just buy whatever was on sale And water proof. Because the next year the would grow out of it. No use in buying high end boots right now.


My son has done well with the Vasque GTX boots. Can usually find them pretty reasonably priced, especially if you ask around or even look for used ones on ebay. My son just turned 12 and I wont invest in good boots until hes done growing. Bought him a pair last summer before elk season started and they were already too small by xmas, lol

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