Lets See your Best Elk to date


Lets see your best Elk to date along with the score and state harvested. I will start off with my Arizona late rifle bull that scores 363 7/8



I’m gonna show my oldest and youngest sons’ biggest bulls since I was there and helped them, and then show my biggest bull…

First, my oldest sons’ biggest bull:


Now my youngest sons’ biggest bull:


Now mine:


That’s right. My biggest is just a spike. About the time I started figuring out how to hunt, the kids started reaching hunting age. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever have the time and success at getting my own animals. But I don’t regret at all giving my kids the opportunities instead of me.

That little boy with me and my spike is the same kid in the 2nd photo, 10 years apart. And, notably, his twin sister has a bigger buck than I’ve ever shot. And both his oldest brother and oldest sister have nice buck antelopes, and I’ve never even got one. 🤷🏼‍♂️
2023 Colorado 4th Season bull in an OTC unit. I have his matching set of sheds from last year, and a solo shed from the prior year. in 2021 he was ~330, in 2022 he was ~320, and this year with his full head to score he was barely over 300". Took him this year 500 yards from where I pick his sheds. Aged his lower jaw at 12-14yrs (very distinct wear on the middle molars indicates 12-14yrs). His body was skinny, appeared to be totally blind in 1 eye as it was completely sunk in ans glazed over, hide and teeth were all loose, 99% chance he would have already died from the 80" of snow we got last week.



his 2022 set and 2021 solo, you can see the severe decline in his size, especially this year compared to his previous sheds.
I was hunting 61 second season a few years ago, I had a really bad chest cold and hunted hard on opening day. I was exhausted that night and told me Wife I was sleeping in to try and get on top of that cold. My Wife shook me away in our camper just before light and said there has been an elk bugling outside the camper for the last two hours and you should go shoot him. I dressed in a hurry and headed towards the bugle about 400 yards from the camper. I saw him and decided to shoot. Just as I was pulling the trigger I heard my Wife yelling at Sparkey our JRT. She let him out to take a leak and he was headed to where I was. Right after the elk tipped over Spark showed up ready to participate.
Wyoming 2021 51” wide..killed him in a blizzard..missed the bull 3x at 400 and 500 yards with bad cross wind. The snow got so bad we lost visibility we climbed another mountain at 11,000 feet and was way above treeline. As we came to the top of the mountain of the way the elk went after missing the bull we seen the whole herd of around 50 cows and this herd bull..so we belly crawled in for a shot with the snow pouring down. If it wasn’t for the white out I would’ve never gotten another shot.. unbelievable hunt!



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