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A few years back, I found several nice bucks in the same canyon. Most years, this place held a few nice ones. Unfortunately, all these bucks perished due to the harsh winter that year. Also unfortunately, the road was closed a few years later, and I haven't been able to get in there anymore. The last few pics are not as good due to snowy conditions.

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Man is he ugly ! Ha...ya gotta concentrate ! Those guys sure can be mean. We had turkeys when I was kid and they would attack us. Good job as always/. I enjoy your work.
I kept looking around later that day and found these bucks to take pics of. I'm not including pics of every nice buck I came across that day. The difference between 4-5 years ago and today is saddening. Actually from last winter to this past winter is very disheartening.

IMG_7250 copy.jpg

IMG_7269 copy.jpg

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I think turkey season might start tomorrow? Their behavior sure has changed in the past week or so. The gobblers have broken the herds up and jakes are running around like their heads are chopped off. Good luck fellers :)
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