Not many Blacktail Buck pictures?


>Post up your blacktail buck pictures
>if you have any

Just posted one for ya under "Twelve year wait"


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Mostly Blacktail with a few Mule Deer and a couple Whitetail, and one Sitka Blacktail. My best bucks are on the wall in my office and family room. I'm really a meat hunter, but over the last 50+ years I do have a few Wallhangers.

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I just turned 70 this year, shot my first black tail when I was 8 if I would of keep all the horns I would probably have close to what you have. Congratulations on some nice bucks. I was very lucky growing up and being able to hunt a 13,000 acre ranch and sure miss it but I don’t miss California at all.


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Some of the young Bucks are thinking about it. For this area mid October is when it is "Full On". Of course the season is over by then. I go to the top of the ranch almost every day from about the 1st of October on, and I see Bucks that would Rock your World.

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